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THE BOYZ Discography (Album from Debut Until Now)

THE BOYZ Discography album THE BOYZ dari debut

THE BOYZ (더보이즈) is a South Korea boy group formed by Cre.Ker Entertainment which debuted on December 6th, 2017THE BOYZ consist of 12 members: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Juhaknyeon, Hwall, Sunwoo, and Eric. THE BOYZ usually launch their album in Korean language.

THE BOYZ discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean Album
THE FIRST (mini album)
THE START (mini album)
THE ONLY (mini album)
THE SPERE (single album)
Bloom Bloom (single album)
DREAMLIKE (mini album)
TATTOO (mini album)
REVEAL (studio album)

Details in THE BOYZ’s album:

THE BOYZ’s Korean Album

THE FIRST (mini album) (release: December 6th, 2017)
✦ Intro
✦ Boyz (MV)
✦ Walkin’ In Time
✦ Got It
✦ I’m Your Boy
✦ Boy (Instrumental)

THE START (mini album) (release: April 3rd, 2018)
✦ The Start
✦ Giddy Up (MV)
✦ Text Me Back
✦ Just U
✦ Back 2 U
✦ Get It

THE SPHERE (mini album) (release: September 5th, 2018)
✦ Right Here (MV)
✦ L.O.U
✦ KeePer

THE ONLY (single album) (release: November 29th, 2018)
✦ Breath to Breath
✦ No Air (MV)
✦ Only ONE
✦ Lucid Dream
✦ Melting Heart

Bloom Bloom (single album) (release: April 29th, 2019)
✦ Bloom Bloom (MV)
✦ Butterfly
✦ Clover

DREAMLIKE (mini album) (release: August 19th, 2019)
✦ Water
✦ D.D.D (MV)
✦ Complete Me
✦ Going High
✦ Daydream

TATTOO (mini album) (release: November 6th, 2019)
✦ Back All Black
✦ Espionage
✦ Stupid Sorry
✦ Bye Bye Bye
✦ Brighter

REVEAL (studio album) (release: February 10th, 2020)
✦ Ego
✦ Shake You Down
✦ Scar
✦ Salty
✦ Break your rules
✦ Wings
✦ Goodbye
✦ Spring Snow

THE BOYZ’s lastest Korean comeback:

That is THE BOYZ discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time THE BOYZ make a comeback.

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