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MAMAMOO discography album MAMAMOO dari debut

MAMAMOO (마마무) is a South Korea girl group formed by Rainbow Bridge World which debuted on June 19th, 2014. MAMAMOO consist of 4 members: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. MAMAMOO usually launch their album in Korean language and Japanese language.

MAMAMOO discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean AlbumJapanese Album
Hello (mini album)4color (studio album)
Piano Man (mini album)
Pink Funky (mini album)
Melting (studio album)
Memory (mini album)
Purple (mini album)
Yellow Flower (mini album)
Red Moon (mini album)
Blue;s (mini album)
White Wind (mini album)
Gleam (다 빛이나) (MV Ads for DAVICHI eyewear)
reality in BLACK (studio album)

Details in MAMAMOO’s album:

MAMAMOO’s Korean Album

Hello (mini album) (release: June 18th, 2014)
✦ Hello
✦ Mr. Ambiguous (Mr. 애매모호) (MV)
✦ Heeheehaheho (히히하헤호) (with Geeks)
✦ Baton Touch
✦ I Do Me (내맘이야) (solo Hwasa)
✦ Peppermint Chocolate (썸남썸녀) (with K.Will featuring Wheesung)
✦ Don’t Be Happy (행복하지마) (with Bumkey) (MV)

Piano Man (mini album) (release: November 21st, 2014)
✦ Piano Man (MV)
✦ Gentleman (with Esna)
✦ Love Lane (CD Only)
✦ Piano Man (piano version)
✦ Piano Man (Instrumental)

Pink Funky (mini album) (release: June 19th, 2015)
✦ Freakin Shoes
✦ Um Oh Ah Yeh (음오아예) (MV)
✦ A Little Bit (따끔)
✦ No No No (갑과 을)
✦ Self Camera
✦ Ahh Oop! (아훕!) (with Esna) (MV)

Melting (studio album) (release: February 26th, 2016)
✦ Taller Than You (1cm의 자존심) (MV)
✦ Words Don’t Come Easy (우리끼리)
✦ You’re the Best (넌 is 뭔들) (MV)
✦ Friday Night (금요일밤) (featuring Junggigo)
✦ My Hometown (고향이) (MV)
✦ Emotion
✦ I Miss You
✦ Funky Boy
✦ Recipe (나만의)
✦ Cat Fight (고양이)
✦ Just
✦ Girl Crush
✦ You’re the Best (Instrumental)

Memory (mini album) (release: November 7th, 2016)
✦ Memory (그리고 그리고 그려봐) (MV)
✦ Décalcomanie (데칼코마니) (MV)
✦ New York (MV)
✦ Moderato (Wheein feat. Hash Swan)
✦ Angel (Solar & Wheein) (MV)
✦ Dab Dab (Hwasa & Moonbyul) (MV)
✦ I Love Too (놓지 않을게) (MV)
✦ Woo Hoo (기대해도 좋은 날) (MV)

Purple (mini album) (release: June 22nd, 2017)
✦ Yes I Am (나로 말할 것 같으면) (MV)
✦ Finally
✦ Love & Hate (구차해) (solo Moonbyul)
✦ Aze Gag (아재개그) (narr. Kim Dae-hee & Kim Joon-ho) (MV)
✦ Da Ra Da (다라다) (Wheein, Jeff Bernat, B.O.) (MV)

Yellow Flower (mini album) (release: March 7th, 2018)
✦ From Winter to Spring (겨울에서 봄으로) (intro)
✦ Star Wind Flower Sun (별 바람 꽃 태양) (MV)
✦ Starry Night (별이 빛나는 밤) (MV)
✦ Be Calm (덤덤해지네) (solo Hwasa) (MV)
✦ Rude Boy
✦ Spring Fever (봄타)
✦ Paint Me (칠해줘) (MV)

Red Moon (mini album) (release: July 16th, 2018)
✦ Midnight Summer Dream (여름밤의 꿈)
✦ Egotistic (너나 해) (MV)
✦ Rainy Season (장마)
✦ Sky! Sky! (하늘하늘) (청순)
✦ Sleep in the Car (잠이라도 자지)
✦ Selfish (Moonbyul feat. Seulgi Red Velvet) (MV)
✦ Egotistic (Instrumental)

Blue;s (mini album (release: November 29th, 2018)
✦ From Autumn to Winter (가을에서 겨울로) (intro)
✦ No More Drama
✦ Wind Flower (MV)
✦ Hello (solo Solar)
✦ Better than I thought (생각보단 괜찮아)
✦ Morning

White Wind (mini album) (release: March 14th, 2019)
✦ Where R You
✦ Gogobebe (고고베베) (MV)
✦ Waggy (쟤가 걔야)
✦ 25 (solo Wheein) (MV)
✦ Bad Bye
✦ My Star
✦ 4season (Outro)

Gleam (다 빛이나) (release: July 24th, 2019) (MV Ads for DAVICHI eyewear)
✦ Gleam (다 빛이나) (MV)

reality in BLACK (studio album) (release: November 14th, 2019)
✦ Destiny (우린 결국 다시 만날 운명이었지)
✦ Universe
✦ Ten Nights (열 밤)
✦ Hip (MV)
✦ 4x4ever
✦ Better
✦ Hello Mama
✦ ZzZz (심심해)
✦ Reality
✦ High Tension
✦ I’m Your Fan

reality in BLACK – Japanese edition
✦ Hip -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Shampoo -Japanese version- (Dance Practice)

MAMAMOO’s Japanese Album

4colors (studio album) (release: August 7th, 2019)
✦ Starry Night -Japanese version-
✦ Be Calm
✦ Egotistic -Japanese version-
✦ Wind flower -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Gogobebe -Japanese version-
✦ Decalcomanie -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ You Don’t Know Me
✦ Sleep Talk

MAMAMOO’s lastest Korean comeback:

MAMAMOO’s lastest Japanese comeback:

That is MAMAMOO discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time MAMAMOO make a comeback.

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