IZ*ONE Discography (Album from Debut Until Now)

IZ*ONE discography Album IZ*ONE dari Debut

IZ*ONE Discography (Album from Debut Until Now)

IZ*ONE (아이즈원) (アイズワン) is a South Korea girl group formed by Off the Record which debuted on October 29th, 2018 in South Korea Selatan and February 6th, 2019 in Japan. IZ*ONE consist of 12 members: Wonyoung, Sakura, Yuri, Yena, Yujin, Nako, Eunbi, Hyewon, Hitomi, Chaewon, Minju, and Chaeyeon. IZ*ONE usually launch their album in Korean language and Japanese language.

IZ*ONE discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean AlbumJapanese Album
COLOR*IZ (mini album)Suki to Iwasetai (好きと言わせたい) (single album)
HEART*IZ (mini album)Buenos Aires (single album)
BLOOM*IZ (studio album)Vampire (single album)
Oneiric Diary (mini album)

Details in IZ*ONE’s albums:

IZ*ONE’s Korean Album

COLOR*IZ (mini album) (release: Oktober 29th, 2018)
✦ Colors (아름다운 색)
✦ O’ My!
✦ La Vie en Rose (MV)
✦ Memory (비밀의 시간)
✦ We Together (versi IZ*ONE)
✦ You’re in Love, Right? (versi IZ*ONE) (반해버리잖아? / 好きになっちゃうだろう?)
✦ As We Dream (versi IZ*ONE) (꿈을 꾸는 동안 / 夢を見ている間)

HEART*IZ (mini album) (release: April 1st, 2019)
✦ Hey. Bae. Like It. (해바라기)
✦ Violeta (비올레타) (MV)
✦ Highlight
✦ Really Like You
✦ Airplane
✦ Up (하늘 위로)
✦ Neko ni Naritai (고양이가 되고 싶어) -versi Korea-
✦ Gokigen Sayonara (기분 좋은 안녕) -versi Korea-

BLOOM*IZ (studio album) (release: February 17th, 2020)
✦ Eyes
✦ Fiesta (MV)
✦ Dreamlike (Eunbi, Sakura, Hyewon, Yena, Hitomi, Wonyoung)
✦ Ayayaya (Eunbi, Sakura, Hyewon, Chaeyeon, Chaewon, Minju, Nako, Yuri, Yujin)
✦ So Curious (Yena, Chaeyeon, Chaewon, Minju, Nako, Hitomi, Yuri, Yujin, Wonyoung)
✦ Spaceship
✦ Destiny (우연이 아니야)
✦ You & I
✦ Daydream (Eunbi, Chaeyeon, Minju, Yujin)
✦ Pink Blusher (Sakura, Hyewon, Nako, Hitomi, Wonyoung)
✦ Someday (언젠가 우리의 밤도 지나가겠죠) (Yena, Chaewon, Yuri)
✦ Open Your Eyes

Oneiric Diary (mini album) (release: June 15th, 2020)
✦ Welcome
✦ Secret Story of the Swan (MV)
✦ Pretty
✦ Merry-Go-Round
✦ Rococo
✦ With*One
✦ Secret Story of the Swan -Japanese version-
✦ Merry-Go-Round -Japanese version-

IZ*ONE’s Japanese Album

Suki to Iwasetai (好きと言わせたい) (single album) (release: February 2nd, 2019)
✦ Suki to Iwasetai (好きと言わせたい) (MV)
✦ Kenchanayo (ケンチャナヨ) (Tipe-A)
✦ Gokigen Sayonara (ご機嫌サヨナラ) (Tipe-B) (MV)
✦ Neko ni Naritai (猫になりたい) (MV)
✦ Dance o Omoidasumade (ダンスを思い出すまで)
✦ Suki to Iwasetai (好きと言わせたい) (instrumental)
✦ Kenchanayo (ケンチャナヨ) (instrumental) (Tipe-A)
✦ Gokigen Sayonara (ご機嫌サヨナラ) (instrumental) (Tipe-B)
✦ Neko ni Naritai (猫になりたい) (instrumental)
✦ Dance o Omoidasumade (ダンスを思い出すまで) (instrumental)

Buenos Aires (single album) (release: June 26th, 2019) (special edition)
✦ Buenos Aires (MV)
✦ Tomorrow
✦ Target (MV)
✦ 年下Boyfriend
✦ Human Love
✦ Buenos Aires (Instrumental)
✦ Tomorrow (Instrumental)
✦ 年下Boyfriend (Instrumental)
✦ Human Love (Instrumental)

Vampire (single album) (release: September 25th, 2019) (Wiz*one edition)
✦ Vampire (MV)
✦ Kimi Igai (君以外)
✦ Love Bubble
✦ Shigaisen Nanka Buttobase (紫外線なんかぶっとばせ) (Type B)
✦ Fukigen Lucy (不機嫌Lucy)

IZ*ONE‘s lastest Korean comeback:

IZ*ONE’s lastest Japanese comeback:

That is IZ*ONE discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time IZ*ONE make a comeback.

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