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iKON discography Album iKon dari debut

iKON (아이콘) is a South Korea boy group formed by YG Entertainment which debuted on September 15th, 2015. iKON consist of 6 members: Bobby, Jay, Song, Ju-ne, DK dan Chan. iKON’s songwriter as well as its member, B.I, departed from the group on June 12th, 2019. iKON usually launch their album in Korean language, Chinese language, and Japanese language.

iKON discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean AlbumJapanese AlbumChinese Album
WELCOME BACK – Half Album WELCOME BACK (studio album)Love Scenario (digital single)
WELCOME BACK – Full Album (studio album)NEW KIDS: BEGIN (mini album)
오늘 모해 (#WYD) (digital single album) RETURN (studio album)
NEW KIDS: BEGIN (single album)NEW KIDS (studio album)
RETURN (studio album)
Rubber Band (digital single)
NEW KIDS: CONTINUE (mini album)
NEW KIDS: THE FINAL (mini album)
THE NEW KIDS (compilation album)
I Decide (mini album)

Details in iKON’s albums:

iKON’s Korean Album

WELCOME BACK (half studio album) (release: October 1st, 2015)
✦ Welcome Back
✦ Rhythm Ta (리듬 타) (MV)
✦ My Type (취향저격) (MV)
✦ Today (오늘따라)
✦ Airplane (MV)
✦ M.U.P (솔직하게)

WELCOME BACK – Full Album (studio album) (release: December 24th, 2015)
✦ Dumb & Dumber (덤앤더머) (MV)
✦ What’s Wrong? (왜 또) (MV)
✦ I Miss You So Bad (아니라고)
✦ Rhythm Ta (리듬 타)
✦ Anthem (이리오너라) oleh ​B.I & BOBBY (MV)
✦ Apology (지못미) (MV)
✦ Airplane
✦ My Type (취향저격)
✦ Today (오늘따라)
✦ Welcome back

오늘 모해 (#WYD) (digital single) (release: May 30th, 2016)
✦ 오늘 모해 (#WDY) (MV)

NEW KIDS: BEGIN (single album) (release: May 22nd, 2017)
✦ Bling Bling (MV)
✦ B-Day (벌떼) (MV)

RETURN (studio album) (release: January 25th, 2018)
✦ Love Scenario (사랑을 했다) (MV)
✦ Beautiful
✦ One and only (돗대) oleh B.I
✦ Jerk (나쁜놈)
✦ Best Friend
✦ Everything
✦ Hug Me (안아보자)
✦ Don’t forget (잊지마요)
✦ Sinosijak (시노시작)
✦ Love Me (나를 사랑하지 않나요?)
✦ Just Go
✦ Long Time No See

Rubber Band (digital single) (release: March 6th, 2018)
✦ Rubber Band (dance practice video)

NEW KIDS: CONTINUE (mini album) (release: August 2nd, 2018)
✦ Killing Me (죽겠다) (MV)
✦ Freedom (바람) x Gregory (MV)
✦ Only You
✦ Cocktail (칵테일)
✦ Just For You (줄게)

NEW KIDS: THE FINAL (single album) (release: October 1st, 2018)
✦ Goodbye Road (이별길) (MV)
✦ Don’t Let Me Know (내가 모르게)
✦ Adore You (좋아해요)
✦ PERFECT (꼴좋다) -Korean version-

THE NEW KIDS (compilation album) (release: January 7th, 2019)
CD 1:
✦ Bling Bling
✦ Love Scenario (사랑을 했다)
✦ Killing Me (죽겠다)
✦ Freedom
✦ B-Day (벌떼)
✦ Rubber Band (고무줄다리기)
✦ Beautiful
✦ Cocktail (칵테일)
✦ Only You
✦ Everything
✦ Love Me (나를 사랑하지 않나요?)
✦ Don’t Let Me Know (내가 모르게)

CD 2:
✦ I’m OK (MV)
✦ Goodbye Road (이별길)
✦ Long Time No See
✦ Best Friend
✦ Just Go
✦ Adore You (좋아해요)
✦ Don’t Forget (잊지마요)
✦ Jerk (나쁜놈)
✦ Perfect (꼴좋다)
✦ Hug Me (안아보자
✦ Just for You (줄게)

I Decide (mini album) (release: February 6th, 2020)
✦ Ah Yeah
✦ Dive (뛰어들게) (MV)
✦ All the World (온 세상)
✦ Holding On (견딜만해)
✦ Flower (너란 바람 따라)

iKON’s Japanese Album

WELCOME BACK (studio album) (release: January 13th, 2016)
✦ Dumb & Dumber -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ What’s Wrong? -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ I Miss You So Bad -Japanese version-
✦ Rhythm Ta -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ Anthem -Japanese version-
✦ Apology -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ Airplane -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ My Type -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ Today -Japanese version-
✦ Welcome Back -Japanese version-
✦ Rhythm Ta -Japanese version-
✦ M.U.P -Japanese version-
✦ Climax -Japanese version-
✦ Just Another Boy -Japanese version-
✦ Wait For Me -Japanese version-
✦ Sinosijak -Japanese version-
✦ Long Time No See -Japanese version-
✦ Just Go -Japanese version-

NEW KIDS: BEGIN (mini album) (release: August 16th, 2017)
✦ Bling Bling -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ B-Day -Japanese version- (MV short version)
✦ Worldwide -Japanese version-
✦ Perfect -Japanese version-
✦ My Type Remix -acoustic version-
✦ Bling Bling -Korean version-
✦ B-Day -Korean version-
✦ Bling Bling -instrumental-
✦ B-Day -instrumental-
✦ Worldwide -instrumental-
✦ Perfect -instrumental-

RETURN (studio album) (release: September 26th, 2018)
✦ Love Scenario -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Beautiful -Japanese version-
✦ One and Only (돗대) (solo B.I)
✦ Jerk -Japanese version-
✦ Best Friend -Japanese version-
✦ Everything -Japanese version-
✦ Hug Me -Japanese version-
✦ Don’t Forget -Japanese version-
✦ Rubber Band -Japanese version-
✦ #WYD -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Love Me -Japanese version-

NEW KIDS (studio album) (release: February 27th, 2019)
✦ I’m OK -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Goodbye Road (이별길) -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Don’t Let Me Know (내가 모르게) -Japanese version-
✦ Adore You (좋아해요) -Japanese version-
✦ Killing Me (죽겠다) -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Freedom (바람) -Japanese version-
✦ Only You -Japanese version-
✦ Cocktail (칵테일) -Japanese version-
✦ Just for You (줄게) -Japanese version-
✦ Love Scenario (사랑을 했다) -Japanese version-
✦ Beautiful –Japanese version-
✦ One and Only (돗대) (Solo B.I.) -Japanese version-
✦ Jerk (나쁜놈) -Japanese version-
✦ Best Friend -Japanese version-
✦ Everything -Japanese version-
✦ Hug Me (안아보자) -Japanese version-
✦ Don’t Forget -Japanese version-
✦ Bling Bling -Japanese version-
✦ B-Day -Japanese version-
✦ Worldwide -Japanese version-
✦ Perfect (꼴좋다) -Japanese version-

iKon’s Chinese Album

Love Scenario (digital single) (release: July 12th, 2018)
✦ Love Scenario -Chinese version-

iKON’s lastest Korean comeback:

iKON’s lastest Korean comeback:

That is iKON discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time iKON make a comeback.

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