(G)I-DLE Discography (Album from Debut Until Now)

(G)I-DLE discography Album (G)I-DLE dari Debut

(G)I-DLE (아이들) is a girl group from South Korea which debuted on May 2nd, 2018. Girl group under CUBE Entertaiment consist of 6 members, which are Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Yuqi, and Shuhua. (G)I-DLE usually launched their album in Korean language and Japanese language.

(G)I-DLE discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean AlbumJapanese AlbumEnglish Album
I Am (mini album)Latata (mini album)
HANN (Alone) (한(一)) (digital single)
Blow Your Mind (여자)아이들)
I Made (mini album)
Uh-Oh (digital single)
LION (digital single)
I Trust (mini album)
DUMDi DUMDi (덤디덤디) (single album)

Details in (G)I-DLE’s album:

(G)I-DLE’s Korean Album

I Am (mini album) (release: May 2nd, 2018)
✦ $$$” (달라 / Dalla (Dollar))
✦ Maze
✦ Don’t Text Me
✦ What’s in Your House? (알고 싶어)
✦ Hear Me (들어줘요)

HANN (Alone) (한(一)) (digital single) (release: August 14th, 2018)

Blow Your Mind (여자)아이들) (digital single) (release: February 19th, 2019)
✦ Blow Your Mind (MV)

I Made (mini album) (release: February 26th, 2019)
✦ Senorita (MV)
✦ What’s Your Name
✦ Put It Straight (싫다고 말해)
✦ Give Me Your (주세요)
✦ Blow Your Mind

Uh-Oh (digital single) (release: June 26th, 2019)
✦ Uh-Oh (MV)

LION (digital single) (release: October 25th, 2019)

I Trust (mini album) (release: April 6th, 2020)
✦ Oh my god (MV) (official lyric video)
✦ Luv U
✦ Maybe
✦ Lion

DUMDi DUMDi (덤디덤디) (single album) (release: August 3rd, 2020)

(G)I-DLE’s Japanese Album

Latata (mini album) (release: July 31st, 2019)
✦ Latata -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Light My Fire
✦ Maze -Japanese version-
✦ For You
✦ Hann (Alone) -Japanese version- (iTunes bundle-only)

(G)I-DLE’s English Album

LATATA (single album) (release: May 20th, 2020)

(G)I-DLE’s lastest Korean comeback:

(G)I-DLE’s lastest Japanese comeback:

(G)I-DLE’s lastest English comeback:

That is (G)I-DLE discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time (G)I-DLE make a comeback.

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