BTOB Discography (Album from Debut Until Now)

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BTOB (비투비) is a South Korea boy group formed by CUBE Entertainment which debuted on March 21st, 2012. BTOB consist of 7 members: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sungjae. BTOB usually launch their album in Korean language and Japanese language.

BTOB discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean AlbumJapanese Album
Born to Beat (mini album)WOW (single album)
Press Play (mini album)Mirai (Ashita) (未来(あした)) (single album)
2nd Confession (single album)Summer Color My Girl (夏色 MY GIRL) (single album)
Thiller (mini album)Dear Bride (single album)
Beep Beep (mini album)L.U.V (single album)
Move (mini album)MOVIE (single album)
The Winter’s Tale (mini album)Brand New Days ~Donna Mirai wo~
(Brand new days~どんな未来を~) (single album)
Complete (studio album)
I Mean (mini album)
Remember That (mini album)
New Man (mini album)
Feel’eM (mini-album)
Brother Act. (studio album)
This Is Us (mini album)
Hour Moment (mini album)
비투비 (Sorry) (single album)

Details in BTOB’s albums:

BTOB’s Korean Album

Born to Beat (mini album) (release: March 21st, 2012)
✦ Born to Beat
✦ Irresistible Lips (그 입술을 뺏었어) (MV)
✦ Insane (비밀) (MV)
✦ Imagine
✦ Monday to Sunday
✦ Father (아버지) (MV)
✦ Irresistible Lips (Instrumental)
✦ Insane (Instrumental)

Press Play (mini album) (release: September 12th, 2012)
✦ Press Play (ft G.NA)
✦ WOW (MV)
✦ Lover Boy (사랑밖에 난 몰라) (MV)
✦ U & I
✦ Stand Up
✦ My Girl

2nd Confession (single album) (release: April 10th, 2013)
✦ Second Confession (두 번째 고백) (MV)
✦ Second Confession” (두 번째 고백) (Instrumental)

Thiller (mini album) (release: September 9th, 2013)
✦ When I Was Your Man (내가 니 남자였을 때) (MV)
✦ Thriller (스릴러) (MV)
✦ Why (왜이래)
✦ Catch Me
✦ Like a Crystal (크리스탈같이)
✦ Star (별)

Beep Beep (mini album) (release: February 17th, 2014)
✦ Beep Beep (뛰뛰빵빵) (MV)
✦ Broken Heart (끝난 건가요)
✦ Hello (여보세요)
✦ Hello Mello
✦ Never Ending (Melody) (끝나지 않을 (Melody))

Move (mini album) (release: September 29th, 2014)
✦ You’re So Fly (넌 감동이야) (MV)
✦ Hope You’re Doing Fine (잘 지내겠죠)
✦ Happening
✦ You’re My Angel (넌 나의 천사) (ft. JOO)
✦ I Don’t Know (몰라)
✦ Bonus track: Shake It!

The Winter’s Tale (mini album) (release: December 22nd, 2014)
✦ You Can Cry (울어도 돼) (MV)
✦ The Winter’s Tale (울면 안 돼) (MV)
✦ One Sip (한 모금)
✦ Drink! (마쎠!)
✦ Because It’s Christmas (크리스마스라서)

Complete (studio album) (release: June 25th, 2015)
✦ Complete (Intro)
✦ It’s Okay (괜찮아요) (MV)
✦ Live Well Yourself (너나 잘 살아)
✦ One Man Show (북 치고 장구 치고)
✦ Summer Romance
✦ My Friend’s Girlfriend (친구의 여자친구)
✦ Her Over Flowers (꽃보다 그녀)
✦ I Miss You (보고파)
✦ Giddy Up (어기여차 디여차)
✦ Open
✦ Insane (akustik)
✦ Shake I
✦ Everything`s Good (Outro) (solo Ilhoon)

I Mean (mini album) (release: October 12th, 2015)
✦ Last Day
✦ Way Back Home (집으로 가는 길) (MV)
✦ Heart Attack (심장어택)
✦ Neverland (ft. G.NA)
✦ All Are Wolves Except Me (나 빼고 다 늑대)
✦ I’ll Be Here (여기 있을게)

Remember That (mini album) (release: March 28th, 2016)
✦ Killing Me
✦ Drawing (The Picture I Drew) (그려본다 (내가 그린 그림))
✦ Remember That (봄날의 기억) (MV)
✦ Anymore
✦ So Pretty
✦ Because Like You (너 같아서)
✦ Empty Space (자리비움)

New Man (mini album) (release: November 7th, 2016)
✦ Pray (I’ll Be Your Man) (기도 (I’ll Be Your Man)) (MV)
✦ Love Drunk (취해)
✦ I’m Bored (무료해 (콕 To Me))
✦ Yes I Am
✦ Come On Over (놀러와)
✦ Now The Future Pass Of This Love (예지앞사)

Feel’eM (mini album) (release: March 6th, 2017)
✦ Just Say It (말만 해)
✦ Movie (MV)
✦ About Time
✦ Rock n Hiphop (빨리 뛰어)
✦ Someday (언젠가)

Brother Act. (studio album) (release: October 16th, 2017)
✦ Prelude: A Day (하루)
✦ Missing You (그리워하다) (MV)
✦ My Lady
✦ Red Lie (새빨간 거짓말)
✦ Blowin’ Up (신바람)
✦ Interlude: Brother Act.
✦ Nanana (나나나)
✦ Dreaming (꿈에)
✦ Guitar (Stroke of Love)
✦ Running Into Breakup (이별을 만나다)
✦ Fly Away
✦ Finale: Our Concert (우리들의 콘서트)

This Is Us (mini album) (release: June 18th, 2018)
✦ Call me
✦ Only One For Me (너 없인 안 된다) (MV)
✦ Yeah
✦ Blue Moon
✦ Ice Breaker
✦ 1, 2, 3
✦ The Feeling

Hour Moment (mini album) (release: November 12th, 2018)
✦ Friend
✦ Like It
✦ Butterfly
✦ 제발 (Climax)
✦ Beautiful Pain (MV)

비투비 (Sorry) (single album) (release: April 5th, 2019)
✦ 비투비 (Sorry)

BTOB’s Japanese Album

WOW (single album) (release: November 12th, 2014)
✦ WOW -versi Jepang- (MV)
✦ Futatabime no Kokuhaku (二度目の告白) Second Confession -versi Jepang
✦ WOW (Instrumental)
✦ Futatabime no Kokuhaku (二度目の告白) (Instrumental)

Mirai (Ashita) (未来(あした)) (single album) (release: Maret 2015)
✦ Mirai (Ashita) (未来(あした))
✦ Sakurairo (桜色)
✦ Regrets of Love
✦ Mirai (Ashita) -Instrumental-

Summer Color My Girl (夏色 MY GIRL) (single album) (release: August 19th, 2016)
✦ 夏色 MY GIRL (Natsuiro MY GIRL)
✦ Blowin’
✦ Evidence
✦ Repeat Goodbye (サヨナラを繰り返して)
✦ 夏色 MY GIRL (Instrumental)

Dear Bride (single album) (release: February 24th, 2016)
✦ Dear Bride (MV)
✦ Sky’s Tears (涙色の空)
✦ Because We Can Meet Again (また会えるから)
✦ Always and Forever (ずっとずっと)
✦ Dear Bride (Instrumental)

L.U.V (single album) (release: June 15th, 2015)
✦ L.U.V (MV)
✦ Jump!
✦ Go for it
✦ Beyond the Time
✦ L.U.V -Instrumental-

MOVIE (single album) (release: May 3rd, 2017)
✦ MOVIE -versi Jepang- (MV)
✦ SOMEDAY -versi Jepang-
✦ Hana (花)
✦ Unforgettable MOVIE -Instrumental-

Brand New Days ~Donna Mirai wo~ (Brand new days~どんな未来を~) (single album) (release: August 30th, 2017)
✦ Brand New Days ~Donna Mirai wo~ (Brand new days~どんな未来を~) (MV)
✦ Crush on You
✦ Twilight
✦ Further Rise
✦ Brand New Days ~Donna Mirai wo~ (Instrumental)

BTOB’s lastest Korean comeback:

BTOB’s lastest Japanese comeback:

That is BTOB discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time BTOB make a comeback.

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