APINK Discography (Album from Debut Until Now)

APINK Discography Album APINK dari Debut

APINK (에이핑크) is a South Korea girl group formed by Play M Entertainment which debuted on April 19th, 2011. APINK consist of 6 members: Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung. APINK usually launch their album in Korean language and Japanese language.

APINK discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean AlbumJapanese Album
Seven Spring of APINK (mini album)NoNoNo (single album)
Snow Pink (mini album)Mr. Chu (single album)
Une Année (studio album)LUV (single album)
Secret Garden (mini album)Pink Season (studio album)
Good Morning Baby (digital single)SUNDAY MONDAY (single album)
Pink Blossom (mini album)Brand New Days (single album)
Pink Luv (mini album)Summer Time! (サマータイム!) (single album)
Pink MEMORY (studio album)PINK♥DOLL (studio album)
Pink Revolution (studio album)Bye Bye (single album)
Dear (special album)Motto GO!GO! (single album)
Pink Up (mini album)Orion (single album)
One & Six (mini album)Pink Stories (studio album)
PERCENT (mini album)Apink Single Collection (best album)
LOOK (mini album)

Details in APINK’s albums:

APINK’s Korean Album

Seven Spring of APINK (mini album) (release: April 19th, 2011)
✦ Seven Springs of Apink
✦ I Don’t Know (몰라요)
✦ It Girl (MV)
✦ Wishlist (MV)
✦ Boo

Snow Pink (mini album) (release: November 21st, 2011)
✦ He’s My Baby
✦ My My (MV)
✦ Yeah
✦ Like a Dream (꿈결처럼)
✦ Prince

Une Année (studio album) (release: May 9th, 2012)
✦ Une Année (Intro)
✦ Hush (MV)
✦ Cat (고양이)
✦ April 19th (4월 19일)
✦ Bubibu (dance practice video)
✦ Step
✦ Boy
✦ I Got You
✦ Sky High (하늘 높이) (feat. Yong Jun-hyung)

Secret Garden (mini album) (release: July 5th, 2013)
✦ U You (MV)
✦ NoNoNo (MV)
✦ Lovely Day
✦ I Need You (난 니가 필요해)
✦ Secret Garden (MV)
✦ No No No (instrumental)

Taiwan Version CD
✦ U You
✦ No No No
✦ Lovely Day
✦ I Need You (난 니가 필요해)
✦ Secret Garden
✦ NoNoNo (instrumental)
✦ Hush
✦ My My
✦ It Girl
✦ Wishlist
✦ I Don’t Know (몰라요)

Good Morning Baby (digital single) (release: January 13th, 2014)
✦ Good Morning Baby (MV)

Pink Blossom (mini album) (release: March 31st, 2014)
✦ Sunday Monday
✦ Mr. Chu (On Stage)
✦ Crystal (MV)
✦ Love Story (사랑동화)
✦ Mr. Chu (MV)
✦ Mr. Chu (On Stage) (instrumental)

Pink Luv (mini album) (release: November 24th, 2014)
✦ LUV (MV) (dance practice video)
✦ Wanna Be
✦ Secret
✦ I’m Not an Angel (천사가 아냐)
✦ Once Upon a Time (동화 같은 사랑)
✦ LUV (instrumental)

Pink MEMORY (studio album) (release: July 16th, 2015)
✦ Remember (MV) (dance practice video)
✦ Perfume
✦ Attracted to U (끌려)
✦ Déjà vu
✦ Petal (꽃잎점) (MV)
✦ What a Boy Wants
✦ I Do
✦ A Wonderful Love (신기하죠)
✦ Remember (instrumental)
✦ Promise U (새끼손가락) (performance video)

Pink Revolution (studio album) (release: September 26th, 2016)
✦ Only One (내가 설렐 수 있게) (MV)
✦ Oh Yes
✦ Boom Pow Love
✦ Fairy
✦ Drummer Boy
✦ To. Us
✦ Ding Dong
✦ Catch me
✦ The Wave (네가 손짓해주면) (video performance)

Dear (special album) (release: Desember 15 th, 2016)
✦ Dear (Whisper)
✦ Cause You’re My Star (별의 별) (MV)
✦ Miss U
✦ NoNoNo (ballad version)
✦ Only One (내가 설렐 수 있게) (versi R&B)
✦ LUV (ballad version)
✦ Cliche (흔한 일) (Chorong and Naeun)
✦ Heaven (잃어버린 조각) (Bomi and Namjoo)
✦ It’s You (그 봄날, 이 가을) (by Eunji and Hayoung)
✦ Mr. Chu (original) (instrumental)
✦ Once Upon a Time (동화 같은 사랑) (instrumental)
✦ April 19 (4월 19일) (instrumental)

Pink Up (mini album) (release: Juni 26th, 2017)
✦ Five (dance practice)
✦ Kok Kok (콕콕)
✦ Eyes
✦ Like! (좋아요!)
✦ Evergreen
✦ Always (MV)
✦ Five (instrumental)

One & Six (mini album) (release: July 2nd, 2018)
✦ I’m So Sick (MV)
✦ A L R I G H T (dance practice video)
✦ Don’t Be Silly
✦ Forever Star (별 그리고)
✦ Promise Me (말보다 너)
✦ I Like That Kiss

PERCENT (mini album) (release: January 7th, 2019)
✦ %% (EUNG EUNG) (응응) (MV)
✦ Hug Me (안아줘요)
✦ What Are You Doing? (느낌적인 느낌)
✦ Push and Pull (줄다리기)
✦ Enough Memories (기억 더하기)

LOOK (mini album) (release: April 13th, 2020)
✦ Dumhdurum (덤더럼) (MV)
✦ Yummy
✦ Be Myself
✦ Love is Blind
✦ Overwrite
✦ Moment (너의 모든 순간을 사랑해)
✦ Everybody Ready? (MV)

APINK’s Japanese Album

NoNoNo (single album) (release: October 22nd, 2014)
✦ NoNoNo -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ MY MY -Japanese version-
✦ NoNoNo -Japanese version- (instrumental)
✦ MY MY -Japanese version- (instrumental)

Mr. Chu (single album) (release: February 18th, 2015)
✦ Mr. Chu (On Stage) -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ HUSH -Japanese version-
✦ Mr. Chu (On Stage) (instrumental)
✦ HUSH (instrumental)

LUV (single album) (release: May 20th, 2015)
✦ LUV -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Good Morning Baby -Japanese version-
✦ LUV (instrumental)
✦ Good Morning Baby (instrumental)

Pink Season (studio album) (release: August 26th, 2015) (album teaser)
✦ Pink Season
✦ No No No -Japanese version-
✦ Bubibu -Japanese version-
✦ U You -Japanese version-
✦ I Don’t Know (モㇽラヨ) -Japanese version-
✦ Remember -Japanese version-
✦ Mr. Chu -Japanese version-
✦ My My -Japanese version-
✦ Hush -Japanese version-
✦ I’m Not An Angel (天使じゃない) -Japanese version-
✦ Good Morning Baby -Japanese version-
✦ Luv -Japanese version-
✦ April 19th (4月19日) -Japanese version-

SUNDAY MONDAY (single album) (release: December 8th, 2015)
✦ SUNDAY MONDAY -Japanese version- (MV)
✦ Petal -Japanese version-(花占い)
✦ SUNDAY MONDAY (music box version)
✦ SUNDAY MONDAY (instrumental)
✦ Petal (instrumental) ( 花占い)

Brand New Days (single album) (release: March 23rd, 2016)
✦ Brand New Days (MV)
✦ Yeah -Japanese version-
✦ Brand New Days (instrumental)
✦ YEAH (instrumental)

Summer Time! (サマータイム!) (single album) (release: August 6th, 2016)
✦ Summer Time! (サマータイム!) (MV short version)
✦ Sunshine Girl
✦ Summer Time! (サマータイム!) (instrumental)
✦ Sunshine Girl (instrumental)

PINK♥DOLL (studio album) (release: December 21st, 2016) (album teaser)
✦ My First Love
✦ It Girl -Japanese version-
✦ Summer Time! (サマータイム!)
✦ Brand New Days
✦ Shining Star
✦ Sunshine Girl
✦ Amai Koi Shiyouyo (甘い恋しようよ)
✦ Yeah -Japanese version-
✦ Fanfare! (ファンファーレ!)
✦ Sunday Monday -Japanese version-
✦ Petal (花占い) -Japanese version-
✦ If I….

Bye Bye (single album) (release: March 29th, 2017)
✦ Bye Bye (MV)
✦ PapipupePON! (ぱぴぷぺPON!)
✦ Bye Bye (instrumental)
✦ PapipupePON! (instrumental) (ぱぴぷぺPON!)

Motto GO!GO! (single album) (release: July 25th, 2017)
✦ Motto GO!GO! (もっとGO!GO!) (MV)
✦ I’m in Love
✦ Motto GO!GO! (もっとGO!GO!) (instrumental)
✦ I’m in Love (instrumental)

Orion (single album) (release: November 8th, 2017)
✦ Orion (MV)
✦ Rainbow
✦ Orion (instrumental)
✦ Rainbow (instrumental)

Pink Stories (studio album) (release: December 27th, 2017) (album teaser)
✦ Hello Hello
✦ Bye Bye
✦ Rainbow
✦ Darling
✦ PapipupePON! (ぱぴぷぺPON!)
✦ Motto GO!GO!
✦ Love Shoot!
✦ Dahlia (ダリア)
✦ I’m in Love
✦ Love Forever
✦ Orion
✦ Happy Ending

Apink Single Collection (best album) (release: April 18th, 2018)
✦ NoNoNo -Japanese version-
✦ Mr. Chu (On Stage) -Japanese version-
✦ LUV -Japanese version-
✦ Remember -Japanese version-
✦ SUNDAY MONDAY -Japanese version-
✦ Brand New Days
✦ Summer Time! (サマータイム!)
✦ My First Love
✦ Bye Bye
✦ Motto GO!GO! (もっとGO!GO!)
✦ Orion
✦ Love Forever

APINK’s lastest Korean comeback:

APINK’s lastest Japanese comeback:

That is APINK discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time APINK make a comeback.

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