Weki Meki Discography (Album from Debut Until Now)

Weki Meki discography album Weki Meki dari debut

Weki Meki (위키미키) is a South Korea girl group formed by Fantagio Entertainment which debuted on January 8th, 2017. Weki Meki consist of 6 members: Suyeon, Elly, Yoojung, Doyeon, Sei, Lua, Rina, and Lucy. Weki Meki usually launch their album in Korean language.

Weki Meki discography
(album from debut until now):

Korean Album
WEME (위미) (mini album)
Lucky (mini album)
Kiss, Kicks (single album)
LOCK END LOL (single album)
Week End LOL (single album-repackage)
Dazzle Dazzle (digital single)

Details in Weki Meki’s albums:

Weki Meki’s Korean Album

WEME (위미) (mini album) (release: August 8th, 2017)
✦ I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend (MV)
✦ Stay with Me
✦ Pretty Boy (iTeen Girls Special) (너란 사람)
✦ Neverland
✦ My World
✦ Fantastic

Lucky (mini album) (release: February 21st, 2018)
✦ Lucky
✦ La La La (MV)
✦ Iron Boy
✦ Metronome
✦ Color Me
✦ Butterfly (2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Special)

Kiss, Kicks (single album) (release: October 11th, 2018)
✦ Crush (MV)
✦ True Valentine
✦ Dear.

LOCK END LOL (single album) (release: May 14th, 2019)
✦ Picky Picky (MV)
✦ Whatever U Want (너 하고 싶은 거 다 해 (너.하.다))
✦ Petal Fortune (좋아한다 안 한다 (꽃잎점))

Week End LOL (single album-repackage) (release: August 8th, 2019)
✦ Tiki-Taka (99%) (MV)
✦ Picky Picky (MV)
✦ Whatever U Want (너 하고 싶은 거 다 해 (너.하.다))
✦ Petal Fortune (좋아한다 안 한다 (꽃잎점))

Dazzle Dazzle (digital single) (release: February 20th, 2020)
✦ Dazzle Dazzle (MV)

Weki Meki’s lastest Korean comeback:

That is Weki Meki discography from debut until now. This list will be updated every time Weki Meki make a comeback.

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